Affordable Day Care in Green Township – Get to Know All About Kids

Affordable Day Care in Green Township – Get to Know All About Kids

Whether you need full daycare for a toddler or after-school care for a child who’s a little older, All About Kids is committed to providing excellent care for all of our children. But care is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we have to offer.

That’s because All About Kids is a learning center. We have the team and curriculum needed to help kids of all ages develop towards their full potential. When you bring your child to 3759 West Fork Road, they’re going to be in an environment that helps to build important traits like individuality, initiative, and autonomous thinking.

Learning and Growth Made Possible Through Play

Although the world is much different now than it was in the 1920s, some key tenets within the field of child development have stayed very consistent. One of the most important is the role of play in helping kids develop.

When children are put in an environment that supports positive play, they feel happy, confident and secure. These positive feelings are exactly what’s needed for a child to consistently learn and grow. The All About Kids team understands how to use play on a daily basis to help children reach their full potential.

A great way to learn more about how our team puts play into action is to check out all of the engaging activities we have for kids.

Infant Child Care, Early Childhood Curriculum and Much More

We have specific curriculum programs for each of the different age groups that come to All About Kids. Our infant child care is focused on providing a safe environment that’s very well-balanced. As kids move into our toddler learning center, their curriculum promotes how to make good choices.

We have an early preschool curriculum, as well as a specific curriculum for kids in the 36 to48-month-oldd age range. Then our early childhood curriculum is centered around fun activities that promote letter recognition, number recognition and early writing skills.

Once kids get to the age where they’re going to school, they actually get to play a part in planning some of the activities that make up their curriculum. Throughout all age groups, we provide a lot of education about the environment.

As one of the country’s only green learning centers, we’re proud of the positive environmental focus we are able to pass on to our children. Ongoing activities like recycling in classrooms help to mold the future stewards of the planet.

If you want to discuss the specific curriculum for your child in person, as well as see all the green features of our learning center, we’d love to meet you! All you need to do is schedule a tour through our website.


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